In our game, each project introduced with the name of β€œcivilizations”. Each civilization will have characters, items, and even custom maps according to the project they represent. This is part of our collaborative approach, which adds a unique element to the game and also serves to expand the game to a wider audience”.

  1. FusyFox Civilization:

  • The FusyFox civilization consists of a crew of intergalactic foxes. All game details described above, including character types and ranks, refer to the FusyFox civilization.

  • Includes unlimited free basic characters that enable Free to Play mode.

  • A collection of 10K NFTs representing the warriors in the game, with various traits that define their rarity level and military ranks.

  1. Partner civilizations:

Third-party projects encompassing Web3 IPs with large communities with a successful branding/marketing strategy can be incorporated into the FusyFox game as a new army or civilization. The characters of these projects will be created based on their tokens, logos, or images as decided by the project leaders.

Each project has the option to include either Free-to-Play characters or a collection that is associated with their NFT collection or token.

The game is scalable and can accommodate multiple partners by utilizing various maps and tournaments to achieve interoperability between collections and project communities.

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