FusyFox is a fast-paced multiplayer third-person shooter game where players can use their own NFT characters or free basic fox to play, with a PvE training mode and a multiplayer PvP mode to participate in tournaments.
In FusyFox, you, the player, will be able to:
  • Choose which army you want to belong to, Lyra or Aquila, and fight to the death together with your team to dominate Mars in a Deathmatch mode.
  • In the future, you can also be a rogue soldier, fighting under your own banner. Everyone around you is your enemy, and you have to stand out to be the only survivor at the end, in a Free for all mode.
  • A Capture the Flag mode will be available later where you and your team can fight for the banner that symbolizes victory over the other team to lead FusyCity.
We are already planning an Adventure mode, where foxes will be able to roam the surface of Mars and navigate between galaxies, fighting other armies and conquering new cities.