Game modes

FusyFox is a fast-paced multiplayer third-person shooter game where players can use their own NFT characters or free basic fox to play, with a PvE training mode and a multiplayer PvP mode to participate in tournaments.


Each character in the game belongs to a specific class or type, each with their own distinct abilities and preferred weapons. This allows for the creation of multiple strategies when forming a team. The game features four types of characters, which are:

Additional mechanics

I. Upgrading

Users can upgrade their characters' base parameters, such as damage, vitality, and speed, up to 50 levels by using Experience Points (XP) or FusyFox tokens. However, the military rank or class type of characters cannot be altered. Even free non-NFT basic characters can be leveled up using the same rules as NFT avatars. Items, which are NFTs with a rarity score, can provide bonuses to parameters or enable temporary actions. Users can upgrade their items up to 10 levels using FusyFox tokens to increase the bonus.

II. Crafting

As previously mentioned, characters in the game will have Weapons, which are NFTs with a rarity score. These weapons are designed to be modular, allowing players to swap out components for compatible ones with a higher level or rarity to create custom upgraded weapons (blueprints may be necessary). This upgrading process will require FusyFox tokens. Additionally, weapon components can be upgraded up to 10 levels to increase their effectiveness using FusyFox tokens.

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