Game modes

FusyFox is a fast-paced multiplayer third-person shooter game where players can use their own NFT characters or free basic fox to play, with a PvE training mode and a multiplayer PvP mode to participate in tournaments.
Game Mode
Deathmatch mode:
Players choose an army, Lyra or Aquila, and fight to dominate Mars.
Free for all mode:
Everyone around them is the enemy, and the players have to stand out to be the only survivors at the end.
Capture the Flag mode:
The teams fight for the banner that symbolizes victory over the other team to lead Atlax City.
Adventure/Campaign/PVE mode:
Players will complete missions, solo or in co-op, to earn items/weapons, free tournament entries, and Experience Points (XP).


Each character in the game belongs to a specific class or type, each with their own distinct abilities and preferred weapons. This allows for the creation of multiple strategies when forming a team. The game features four types of characters, which are:
I. Spectrum
The Specter is an agile and elusive character capable of disappearing from sight at will. His main goal is to eliminate enemies from a distance and escape from difficult situations using his ability to turn invisible.
Unique ability:
Additional skills:
Invisibility: Specter becomes invisible for a few seconds, allowing him to move undetected by enemies.
Quick Attack: Specter increases their attack speed for a short period of time, allowing them to deal more damage in that period.
Double Jump: The Specter can perform a second jump in the air, allowing him to evade enemy attacks and reach higher platforms.
Abilities from a vehicle:
- Guns
- Shock Pulse Rifles
- Sniper rifles
- Flamethrower (unique weapon)
- Plasma weapons (optional)
- Shoot from vehicle
II. Guardian
The Guardian is a resilient character with high durability, able to absorb a substantial amount of damage and shield his teammates with his energy shield. His primary objective is to ensure the safety of his team while they fight their way to victory.
Unique ability:
Additional skills:
Energy Shield: The Guardian places an energy shield that can protect several players from enemy attacks.
Onslaught: The Guardian dashes towards a target and pushes them back, dealing damage and temporarily stunning them.
Shield Enhancement: The Guardian temporarily increases the durability of the energy shield, allowing them to shield more damage.
Abilities from a vehicle:
- Assault Rifles
- Throw grenades
- Shotgun
- Heavy machine guns (unique weapon)
- Missile launcher (optional)
- Shoot from the vehicle
III. Healer
The Healer is a character capable of restoring the health of his teammates and keeping them alive during combat. His main goal is to keep the team healthy and safe to complete the mission.
Unique ability:
Additional skills:
Healing Area: The healer deploys a healing area that can heal teammates within range.
Quick Heal: The healer can heal a teammate instantly with a special injection.
Regeneration: The healer increases the health regeneration rate of teammates for a short period of time.
Abilities from a vehicle:
- Guns
- Assault Rifles
- Throw proximity mines
- Healing Ray Weapons (unique weapon)
- Flamethrower (optional)
- Drive vehicle
IV. Engineer
The Engineer is a character with the ability to construct and deploy automated turrets to gain control over the battlefield. His main goal is to provide fire support for the team and keep enemies in check.
Unique ability:
Additional skills:
Auto Turret: The engineer deploys an auto turret that fires at nearby enemies.
Smoke Grenade: The engineer throws a smoke grenade that obstructs the enemy's vision and hinders movement.
Healing Turret: The Engineer deploys a turret that heals teammates. equipment within range.
Turret Hacking: Engineers can hack enemy auto-turrets, temporarily disable them, then reprogram them to fire at enemies instead of team players.
Abilities from a vehicle:
- Bouncing Saw Rifles
- Launch Rockets
- Guns (as the main weapon)
- Jamming Ray Guns (EMP) (unique weapon)
- Anti-shield weapon (optional)
- Repair vehicle

Additional mechanics

I. Upgrading
Users can upgrade their characters' base parameters, such as damage, vitality, and speed, up to 50 levels by using Experience Points (XP) or FusyFox tokens. However, the military rank or class type of characters cannot be altered. Even free non-NFT basic characters can be leveled up using the same rules as NFT avatars. Items, which are NFTs with a rarity score, can provide bonuses to parameters or enable temporary actions. Users can upgrade their items up to 10 levels using FusyFox tokens to increase the bonus.
II. Crafting
As previously mentioned, characters in the game will have Weapons, which are NFTs with a rarity score. These weapons are designed to be modular, allowing players to swap out components for compatible ones with a higher level or rarity to create custom upgraded weapons (blueprints may be necessary). This upgrading process will require FusyFox tokens. Additionally, weapon components can be upgraded up to 10 levels to increase their effectiveness using FusyFox tokens.