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1- Gamers: This segment consists of individuals who have a keen interest in playing video games for both leisure and competitive purposes. They might be drawn to our game because of its exceptional blockchain and Web3 functionalities and the potential to connect with their preferred brands and communities through our partner projects and their economies. For this demographic, a satisfying and stimulating gaming experience, socializing with fellow players, and the chance to receive incentives or acknowledgment are among their requirements. The age group comprising 22 to 36-year-olds, encompassing both Gen Z and millennials, make up more than 50% of the gaming activity, with the 27 to 31 age range alone accounting for 31.7%. The South Asian and North American regions are the most significant markets from a geographical standpoint.

2- Crypto investors: This segment comprises individuals who are keen on investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Our game may pique their interest due to the prospect of earning cryptocurrency or other digital assets by playing or engaging in the in-game economy of our partners. This demographic's needs may involve transparency, security, as well as the capacity to monitor and manage their in-game assets.

3- NFT collectors: This segment is composed of individuals who are passionate about collecting and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our game may be of interest to them due to the possibility of earning or trading unique and valuable NFTs by playing or participating in tournaments and giveaways. Their needs may include access to rare or valuable NFTs, the ability to manage and track their collections, and a vibrant marketplace for purchasing and selling.

4- Brand communities: This segment consists of individuals who are fans of particular brands or communities that have partnered with our game. They may be attracted to our game due to the possibility of interacting with their favorite brands or projects in innovative and captivating ways. This demographic's needs may involve access to unique branded content or experiences, the capacity to connect with other brand enthusiasts, and the opportunity to receive incentives or acknowledgment for their involvement.

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