Gameplay Loop

Each FusyFox game mode has addictive game loops with engaging mechanics designed to immerse our players in our gaming universe. In addition to team battles in our Deathmatch mode, players will be able to compete individually in a free for all mode. Also, new updates, domes, arenas will be released, as well as new collections of NFTs of weapons and tools. In the future, new characters and collections from other games will be added in our Explorer Mode.
The game will feature frequent tournaments where players can win prizes such as $FOX, cryptocurrencies or special NFTs. In addition, the top 100 of the FusyFox tournaments will receive $FUSY tokens, free tickets to the upcoming tournaments, etc…
Each avatar in the game will also earn FusyPoints by performing various actions, which can be "farmed". The points obtained will depend on the difficulty of each action and the rank of the player character. At the end of each campaign, all the FusyPoints generated on the platform will be added up and players will receive $FOX tokens based on the number of points they have. Players can then redeem their $FOXs on our Exchange, or use them to purchase new NFT items, enter tournaments, or advance in the game.