With the emergence of new applications and monetization methods for cryptos, the popularity of blockchain technology continues to rise, reaching already a market cap of 1.86 trillion in 2022, even during the bear market. Only the NFT market, for example, little known a couple of years ago, was valued at $ 40 billion this year and is expected to reach 147.24 billion by 2026. Currently, more and more brands are using NFTs to attract the public and followers. From Nike-licensed Ethereum NFT sneaker models to McDonald's first-ever NFT promotion (called MCNFT), or Coca-Cola's one-to-one NFT digital animated artworks that provide multi-sensory experiences. The blockchain gaming industry shows even greater potential, with a 2,000% increase since last year. GameFi accounts for more than 50% of all current blockchain activity, measured by unique active wallets. The market cap of Play-to-Earn Coins is $7.24 billion and should increase as more video games incorporate blockchain technology into their projects. Players are also excited about this new business model, which allows them to make a profit and turns them also into investors. They annually spend approximately $100 billion buying in-game items that they ultimately don't really own. Play2earn games allow their players to own and exchange their assets for real money, and that makes them so attractive. Thus, Play2Earn games are expected to have a significant share of the global video game market, valued at $138 billion.


However, despite the popularity of many of these games, the fact that they are Play2Earn is not enough for long-term success. First, most of the early crypto games were merely trying to attract investors by selling their tokens or NFTs, but without offering more intrinsic value to their assets. Although this dynamic might seem attractive, fundamental aspects of the game were neglected, including the graphical interface, images/art, and the user experience as a whole, which also negatively affects the game's popularity, and in turn the value of the game crypto-assets. Also, many games have no utilities associated, relying only on their tokenomics to increase their token. On top of that, there is still little to no collaboration between the different Web3 projects, which makes the chances of success even more difficult. NFT collections, play-to-earn games and Web3 platforms fight for the attention of investors and crypto-enthusiasts, in an already competitive and isolated market.


Therefore, our goal is to create a collaborative Play2Earn game that combines visually stunning characters, compelling worldbuilding, and graphically rich sci-fi, where its players will earn financial benefits within our platform and other metaverses. Our Play2Earn game, called FusyFox, will be tied to its own collection of NFTs that will represent the characters within the game. In addition, the $FOX token will be used as an in-game currency to buy items, powers, and sell characters. FusyFox will also have its own ecosystem, which will support the game and bring countless benefits to its players. We will have a wallet, an exchange and an NFT Market, supported by our platform: Fusyona. This is a collaborative multi-chain ecosystem that covers the entire life cycle of tokens, allowing the creation, storage, and exchange of fungible and non-fungible tokens. Currently, Fusyona has the following services: 1) automatic token creation; 2) NFT mining; 3) crypto wallet, 4) an NFT marketplace; 5) a decentralized and peer-to-peer exchange, and 6) a payment system. The different NFTs in the FusyFox collection will also offer discounts on these services, free early access to new features, and VIP status for all Fusyona online and face-to-face events.Finally, we will establish partnerships to offer our players benefits on other Web3 platforms, crypto projects, and metaverses. We also plan to incorporate other collections of NFTs as characters in our game in the future, incentivizing the purchase of their NFTs in exchange for other benefits and collaborations.We want to create an engaging, exciting, and immersive game designed to cater to multiple player types, allowing them to earn rewards across several platforms and metaverses. Our vision is to create a multi-project and multi-metaverse collaborative game that benefits not only our players or investors but also other platforms and projects that want to enter the world of GameFi.
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