đŸĻŠToken Utility

FusyFox token will be used to:

  1. Buy/Sell NFT Character on the integrated marketplace without any fees.

  2. Buy/Sell Items and Weapon components in the integrated marketplace, with zero fees.

  3. Create Wager/Reward pools for PVP custom battles, with the token as the only payment method.

  4. Upgrade or craft characters, items, and weapons with the token as the only payment method.

  5. Pay the entry fee for main and seasonal tournaments, with the token as the only payment method.


  1. Prize pool of main and seasonal tournaments.

  2. Conversion of XP earned through skill-based achievements (number of kills, headshots, etc) and commitment achievements (daily login, specific tasks, etc.). The conversion rate may vary based on the user's avatar type and certain special items, and can also be adjusted by the team to meet an inflation target.


  1. A portion (to be defined) of the tournament registration fees will be burned, while the rest is added to the prize pool.

  2. In addition, 10% of the wager/reward pool in Custom PvP Battles will be burned.

  3. A mechanism to buy back and burn FusyFox tokens will be also implemented. For this, we will use:

  • A part of the fees (to be defined) for buying/selling in the integrated Fusyona marketplace and paying with base currency (Matic, BNB, etc.).

  • A portion of the royalties (to be defined) accrued from secondary sales of NFTs issued by FusyFox, on third-party marketplaces.

  • A portion (to be defined) of the income related to the sales of characters and/or items from Partner Projects (a.k.a Civilizations).

  • A part (to be defined) of the revenue related to any partner integration, including sales of custom items or regular advertising.

  • A portion (to be defined) of the profits from publishing a full non-NFT version of the game on Steam.

After the Rewards Treasury is fully vested (6 years), we will use income streams to fund the rewards pool (tournaments prize and XP conversion).

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