Q2: Pre-Launch campaigns and Beta-testing
  • Closed release of MVP version with partners (Influencers, Guilds, Projects) for feedback.
  • Improve the game’s architectural design and world-building.
  • Showcase of the MVP version at the PolyBash event (organized by PolyDoge).
  • Final design and in-game testing of NFT characters, items/weapons, and maps associated with Volt-Inu and PolyDoge partners.
  • Complete Token Seed and Private sales.
  • Completion of smart contracts.
  • Start auditing our smart contracts with a third party.
  • Monthly Crew3, Twitter, and Reddit campaigns. Running weekly giveaways and participating in AMAs with the goal of getting up to 24K total followers and ~3 M impressions per Twitter campaign.
Q3: Launch and Partner Acquisition
  • Token Public Sale and TGE. Listing on decentralized and centralized exchanges.
  • Implement in-game purchases and other monetization strategies with FusyFox tokens and partner projects as the central payment method.
  • Launch the first public version of the game, using Fusyona Launcher and third-party marketplaces.
  • Launch of partner and ambassador programs with defined guidelines to apply.
  • Launch of Mystery Box collections with partner projects (a.k.a. Civilization), using relevant marketplaces (MagicEden, OnePlanet, etc…).
  • Onboard a minimum of 5 new meme tokens and NFT collections as partners
  • Host a launch event and promotional campaign (Web3 marketing, influencers, and advertising) to drive awareness and engagement.
  • Launch the game on Steam (web2 version). Conventional pricing and in-game purchases.
  • Launch the game in Epic Games (web2 version). Conventional prices and in-game purchases.
  • Continue an intense marketing campaign into the next quarter, and expand the reach by listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and launching contests.
  • Secure partnerships with at least five macro-influencers to increase brand awareness and engagement. Start live tournaments to promote the product and attract more users.
  • Implement paid traffic strategies and onboard at least five new partners to further expand the product reach and potential collaborations.
Q4: User Growth and Retention
  • Increase user engagement through regular updates and special seasonal events.
  • Adding leaderboards, leagues, and guilds/esport teams management features to our platform.
  • Implement user feedback to improve the user experience.
  • Add 5 additional partners to expand the in-game economy. Creation of new collections of items.
  • Generate up to 100,000 game downloads on all platforms combined.
  • Implement a referral program to encourage users to invite their friends to play.
  • Continue existing paid traffic and advertising initiatives by focusing on FusyFox-related content. Carry out influencer marketing with the goal of getting up to 50,000 followers on Twitter and more than 6 million impressions.
Q1-2024: Increase monetization and in-game revenue generation
  • Launch on PlayStation and Xbox Stores (web2 version). Conventional pricing and in-game purchases.
  • Achieve up to 250,000 game downloads on all platforms combined.
  • Add 5 additional partners to expand the in-game economy. Creation of new collections of items.
  • Host a Global Esports tournament with relevant professional teams and guilds including broadcast and marketing campaigns.
  • We will continue to implement the above marketing strategies, plus a guest blogging strategy to build brand awareness and authority.
Q2-2024: Scaling and Expansion
  • Launch of the first Mobile Version.
  • Optimize game performance and user experience
  • Add at least 10 new partners to continue expanding the in-game economy
  • Get up to 500,000 game downloads on all platforms combined, with at least 150,000 paying users.
  • Implement new features or game modes to keep users engaged.
  • Release SDKs to enable seamless integration with partners.
  • Continue scaling the marketing strategies, with a particular focus on expanding paid ads and traffic to increase our reach further. Additionally, we aim to enhance our social listening capabilities through live chat sessions on Telegram and Twitter Spaces.
Q3,Q4-2024/2025: Exponential Growth
  • Achieve up to 1 million downloads and at least 500,000 paying users on all platforms combined.
  • Continue connecting with partners and completing B2B agreements to add new maps, characters, and features to the game and to our token.
  • Encourage the creation of our own guilds and host online events and tournaments to keep the community engaged.
  • In addition to the previous strategies combined, we will execute an aggressive paid traffic campaign to expand our reach further, increasing the frequency of Twitter spaces and AMAs to seven per week and hosting weekly webinars.
  • We will release educational content related to our gameplay to help users better understand the platform. To improve our social listening, we will host Telegram live chats and Twitter Spaces.
The goals for each quarter are designed to drive token utility growth by increasing user engagement and expanding our partner network.