Welcome to FUSYFOX's official documentation and help resource.

What is FUSYFOX?

FusyFox will be a visually stunning immersive 3rd person arena shooter game where players will battle on the surface of Mars to conquer the dome that controls FusyCity.
As a first step, we are minting a genesis collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on BNB. Each NFT will represent a member of our intergalactic crew of anthropomorphic foxes. These will have different attributes and ranks that give their holders superpowers in our game and economic benefits in real life. Owning an NFT automatically guarantees a place in our crew, gaining membership access to an elite community whose benefits and offerings will increase as we interact with new metaverses.
To participate in our video game, players must purchase an NFT that will become the character they will play in the game. NFTs will have different values based on their rarity level and in-game powers. As they win battles, players can also upgrade their characters, including more powers and benefits, and can collect or sell them in the future.