In addition to playing a fun, futuristic and challenging game, where they can compete together with their team and against other players, the owners of a FusyFox NFT can:
  • Have access to unique features such as weapons, consumables, weapons, accessories and improved parameters.
  • Sell your characters or items to other players and collectors.
  • Participate in challenges with other users to compete for rewards.
  • Participate in digital tournaments and compete to be among the most outstanding players in the tournament, being Best Players, best shooter or most precision.
  • The top 100 of the FusyFox ranking will receive $FOX tokens, special NFTs, free tickets to the next tournaments, etc.
  • Receive giveaways and prizes based on the performance of your virtual players, including $FOX tokens, NFTs and special in-game items.
  • Join the FusyFox Rewards Club, where they can redeem tangible offers such as event/concert tickets, gift cards, special NFTs, etc…
  • Staking the $FOX token to receive benefits such as airdrops, giveaways of other tokens created on the Fusyona platform, VIP access to online and in-person events, etc...
We also plan to use 10% of our quarterly earnings to buy and burn $FOX tokens. In addition, part of those profits will be used quarterly to buy the 500 lowest-priced assets in the FusyFox marketplace.