Revenue streams

FusyFox will consist of a sustainable ecosystem that will create constant streams and different forms of income through multiple channels. Our vision is that FusyFox games will continue to expand into Explorer mode, ensuring that the project is sustainable in the long term. Our strategy includes a comprehensive monetization model, which includes:
  • The sale of NFTS assets such as characters and game items (weapons, armor, improved parameters, etc…).
  • Fees for participation in tournaments, challenges competitions, and Arena battles.
  • Fees for secondary sales of NFT assets.
  • Commission for the sale of characters and other NFT assets in the Fusyona Marketplace.
  • Advertising engine in the FusyFox game space. Web3 projects will be able to pay for billboards, advertisements, and custom components that will be displayed in the game in a way that is immersive and non-disruptive to the player experience.
All funds raised through the sale of NFTs will be used to maintain the game, supporting the play2earn ecosystem and its utilities, and continually increasing demand for the $FOX token. The funds raised from the sale of the NFTs will be used in the following way:
  • 50% will be used for development
  • 30% for Marketing
  • 20% as Reserve funds
On the other hand, the Fusyona platform will also generate income through its different services, among which are:
  • 5% of the total supply and gas fee for each token created at the Fusyona platform.
  • Withdrawal fee of all cryptocurrencies stored in our wallet.
  • Commission of 2.25% per transaction in Fusyona Marketplace.
  • 0.1% Commission per transaction on our Exchange.
  • Projects that want to use our APIs and SDKs will pay an annual subscription.
  • A Pay-Per-Lead Model is available for those projects that want to advertise on our platform.
Advertisement engine in the gaming space. By providing a large set of players, ev.io is attractive to investors and projects in the metaverse and web3 space, which will be interested in advertising buying billboards, and custom components inside each game.
Advertisers are charged on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for the service provided, and their budget will go towards a pool of rewards for active players owning NFTs.
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